Packing & Gear Checklist

what you should bring

Packing List


We have full laundry facilities for all guests to use. You’re welcome to bring extra clothing, but don’t feel compelled to do so.  You can simply wash your clothes and be ready for another great day of fishing. 

The Important Stuff

Gear List

TACKLE & Accessories

Kiklukh Lodge provides you with most of the tackle you’ll need during your stay.  This would include the following:

Rods & Reel

We have several spin cast rods and reels, as well as fly rods and reels available for guests. If you have your own Rod and Reel you would prefer to used instead, feel feel to bring them. 


We do have several waders available, but they are limited by size. If you have your own, and would prefer to use them, we suggest you bring your own. 

Don't forget these

Miscellaneous List

Personal items

Photo Opportunities

Don't forget your camera!

Popular Lures & List

Starlight Leech

The Starlight Leech is popular pattern that imitates a variety of aquatic insects, baitfish, or leeches. The fly typically consists of a marabou or rabbit fur tail that provides lifelike movement in the water, and it’s effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Perfect for trout, salmon, and steelhead.

Clouser Minnow

The Clouser Minnow is a highly effective fly pattern designed by Bob Clouser, featuring weighted eyes near the hook’s bend to create a jigging action, mimicking baitfish; versatile for various fish species in freshwater and saltwater.

Popper Wog

The Popper Wog is a topwater fly designed for Alaskan species, mimicking wounded prey; its buoyant foam body and rubber legs create enticing splashes, attracting aggressive strikes from salmon, trout, and char in remote Alaskan waters.

Vibrax Spinner

 A vibrant spinnerbait like the Blue Fox Vibrax in sizes 2 to 4 are a very popular and is widely used for multiple Alaskan species. It’s known to trigger aggressive strikes from silver salmon.

Voodoo leech
The Voodoo Leech is a proven lure for Alaskan species like silver salmon; its marabou tail, flashy body, and natural color patterns create lifelike movement, making it a reliable choice to trigger strikes, particularly in streams and rivers.
Pixee spoon
The Pixee Spoon is a versatile and effective lure for various fish species, including silver salmon; its flashy design, wobbling action, and vibrant colors make it a go-to choice, especially in sizes 1/4 to 3/4 ounces, to entice aggressive strikes in Alaskan waters.
Hareball Leech
The Hareball Leech is a successful fly pattern for targeting Alaskan fish species, including silver salmon; its combination of rabbit fur, flash, and weighted design replicates a wounded baitfish, making it an effective option to provoke strikes in various fishing conditions.
Egg Hareball Leech
The Egg Hareball Leech is a productive fly for Alaskan species like silver salmon; featuring both an egg imitation and leech-like movement, this pattern can entice strikes during the salmon’s spawning season, making it a valuable addition to your fishing arsenal.

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Thinking about taking the next step to booking your great adventure at Kiklukh lodge? Feel free to contact us and will be happy to provide you with any information you may need. about our Alaska fishing lodge. 

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